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WebTV Hosting, The Freeloaders by Domania Internet 

Since 1999 The Freeloaders have been brought to you by Domania Internet Services at no cost to you but at great expense to us. Please help support our public programs by making a donation today.

We ARE the first company established especially for WebTV Hosting. Others have followed... some are still trying to follow. Additionally, we are and have always been 100% compatible with all PCs and Macs. OUR HOSTING SERVICE IS OFFERED FOR AS LITTLE AS $5 PER MONTH, THE FREELOADERS ARE FREE FOR YOU TO USE.


Domania developed the FIRST hosting company with WebTV being it's #1 priority and has since become revered for it's dedication to the WEBTV and it's outstanding performance. I (Craig Daniell AKA Prodigal_son@webtv.net) personally created it and had it providing service for WebTV users by April 09 1999. I created it and put it on line using nothing else but my Sony Plus and my old (manufactured Oct 1997) Classic, a little money of my own and a loan from a good friend. Some said it couldn't be done just with WebTV. Once online, other people decided to follow my vision using their 21st century PC. Some are still following using any means possible. Some of these hard sell followers now try to take credit for being the first to provide WebTV Hosting. Use the "Wayback Machine", call their bluff.

Test the competitors, you won't see anyone demonstrating this vision in October 1999, some don't even show up on the radar. For the first and the best

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For as little as $5 per month, you can enjoy your own web space with Domania's superior speed and performance and absolutely no pop ups or annoying ads of any kind. We have everything you need to manage your personal or small business web site, and upload files and photos for storage, auctions, and web pages. Join now and take advantage of our full set of tools. These tools will allow you to transload single or many files at once, FTP entire web sites to our servers, download attachments from the WebTV e-mails' pop server or any pop3 mail account you may have. We even have Image Magick tools available and it is all on line for you to use 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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